About GKLF


Leading a society of sharing that grows through tourism and culture


“A leading non-profit foundation dedicated to building consensus and sharing”

  • Consensus
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Inspiration

Strategic Goals

  • Creating an ecosystem of sharing in tourism and culture
  • Sharing hope through future generations
  • Fulfilling our responsibility as a partner of the international community

Core Strategies and Specific Tasks

  • Contribution to Tourism and Culture

    • Promoting tourism by offering more opportunities to tourism-deprived areas and groups
    • Promoting and supporting policies regarding the establishment of infrastructure in the tourism industry
    • Cultivating global supporters through academic support in tourism-related fields
    • Engaging in academic activities in fields related to domestic and global tourism
    • Guaranteeing basic cultural interests by helping socially vulnerable groups through enjoying cultural activities
    • Supporting cultural and art event in Korea and overseas
    • Facilitating the export of outstanding Korean literature
    • Promoting forums for achieving social values (corporate social responsibilities)
  • Contribution to Overseas

    • Discovering and promoting long-term projects for future generations